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Website Hosting

Server & Hosting

Accommodation of website content in the server is called hosting. Whenever, we required to make a website live. So, we need a server space to put my website contents into the drive of Server and from that server it calls on your website name with the use of Name servers.

Which type of Hosting is required?

Hosting dependency is always related with Website content and website traffic. Hosting is directly related to Server Space and their configuration. As our website content is and their traffic, we call that type of server those can handle our website requests easily. This is the reason we have proposed different types of Hosting packages as per business requirement.

Linux & Windows Hosting:

As we all know, 2 popular OS of the globe. i.e. Windows & Linux. The biggest different between Windows OS & Linux OS is that Windows is payable and we have to purchase it but, Linux is open source and we don’t need to pay single penny for Linux. The architecture of both OS is different so they support different type of Hosting to run their programs. Just like, Linux support the Linux hosting and windows only support window base programs like ASP.NET.

Hosting Services that we provide:

  • Linux Hosting

  • Windows Hosting

  • Shared Hosting

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