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Maintenance – Taking care your business prosperity.

To manage the website, software and their related stuffs is also a big deal. Maintenance is all about to make out you’re your digital business flow smooth without any problem. Maintenance has many types and each maintenance type requires a different kind of support and service.

Maintenance Services that we provide:

  • Server Maintenance

  • Website Maintenance

Here are some few important points related to Maintenance:-

  •    Maintenance Services will be formed only for annual (12 Months) agreement.
  •    Payment for Maintenance should be in advance(100%)
  •    Renewal of Maintenance will be in effect between 1st - 15th of Last Month.
  •    Maintenance will cover Service Level Agreement which drafted at the time of mutually finalization of deal.
  •    There will be last fee charge applicable in term of last payment or renewal of maintenance

This is also imaginable that you would not get your premeditated price package or service fulfillment. Don’t Be Upset;
Kindly call us or Email us as per your convenience.
We will give free consultation to you and define our best customized plans to satisfy you.

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