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Responsive Website Designing

Responsive Website – A sensible representation of your website

" You Put water into a cup it becomes the cup.
You Put water into a bottle it becomes the bottle.
You put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. "

The above quoted lines are mentioning a universal property of LIQUID form and its response to its container. This response of LIQUID form makes us very cozy to carry or use that LIQUID into any shape of container.

From the last one decade, the users of mobile, tablets & other devices is increasing day by day. Previously, every designer & developer used to create website for mobile separately in subdomains like m.facebook.com. Everyone is familiar with this domain. To create the same website separately for mobiles was a typical and difficult task. Here comes a requirement of a kind of technology in which one time development works on all Medias differently.

That was the time to hear about a work i.e. RESPONSIVE Website. With the coming of new technologies HTML & CSS3 that would be easy to create & maintain the responsive website. Responsive website works like a LIQUID to maintain the website structure as per screen media. Firstly, we have started this with Media Query, to manually decide which part looks like in Mobile, Tablet and desktop screens. Through the Media Query, a designer can control part of website reflection & presentation. After that, some inbuilt libraries have taken place into market that provides library of codes to create website for all media at a same time.

As per Alexa & Google survey, There are more than 40% Users use mobiles and tablets to browse internet and websites. So, here our importance of website is. We have to create a website which gives good representation on all media.

Advantages of responsive websites:

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